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How the brain reacts to positive thoughts

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Have you ever seen a person who wants to suffer lifelong? Someone who tends to lead a sad life? Or stay depressed all the while. Well, it's not what we as individuals want. Everyone wants to be happy, feel a charge of positive energy.

Many self-help writers and motivational speakers have talked about how to motivate yourself, how to channel positive energy, and more such ideas. But very few have thrown light on how the brain reacts to positive thoughts.

So in this article, we will give a glimpse of the complexities of the brain on happy thoughts and actions.


Chemistry of positive thoughts

You must have known that our body has several chemicals to perform all the functions. Even the brain has several chemicals that channel your emotion and thought processes.

One such hormone is Serotonin. Let's take an example to understand better. Suppose you have a taste for sweet dishes and someone gives you a cake. What a delightful feeling it would be, but this is what is outside. The brain simultaneously secrets serotonin and its proper level of secretion automatically makes your body strive for hard work, motivation, and more focus.


The reason why intellectuals emphasize the power of positive thinking is that it not only focuses on you but also on the people around you. One of the most significant benefits of positive thinking and happiness is that your brain focuses on striving for excellence and gives you the energy to get into deep work. If you are someone who is practicing the art of positive thinking then you already know its benefits but if you struggle to influence a positive approach then we recommend you to read the bestsellers on the topic for deep understanding.


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